Cussing is provocative. Shock value. Unprofessional. All things traditionally associated in the workplace and well, I guess in general. I've cussed for most of my life. Blame the body shops I grew up in or the city culture where I was raised. Whatever your take, it's a part of me. 

I've been following along with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, the creatives behind Being Boss for some time and was really excited to see what these ladies could do when they joined forces. I wasn't disappointed. Everyone has their own styles and their own way of going about business and I sincerely admire what these ladies have built for themselves. I know that my vision won't be exactly like theirs but having insight and moments of like-minded coincidence is invaluable. 

Last night I had a burst of drive to knock some things out and I decided to fire up the 2 most recent episodes of their podcast. Not only are they fun to listen to but I really had an ah-ha moment during Episode 3 - Redefining Professional. I've spent the past 8 years in corporate "professional" environments and funnily enough, no matter how much I disliked it, it's really hard to shed those habits when you first start working for yourself. Listening to their stories and experiences standing about defining their business personality really continued my 2015 goal of opening back up and really defining myself and my business. 

In short, here's my take away:

1. You are your business. OWN IT.

2. You aren't the perfect for everyone and I promise it's better that way.

3. Stand by your guns. Set rules for yourself and don't apologize for loving them.

4. The F*Bomb is a completely acceptable way to express passion, excitement and high levels of joy about what you do. It's not for everyone and I won't be offended for that. 

YES? I'd love to hear about how their words inspired you!
NO? Give it a listen. You don't have to be the same as someone to learn from them.


AUTHOR: Hannah Reynolds