Every morning Abe and I walk down this path and I think to my self, "Down the rabbit hole!" because when I come out the other end we walk back to the car and head home to start our day. The other end still feels very much like Wonderland to me. I'm through my first full week and I cannot say that it is everything I'd ever imagined. 

I'm quickly realizing why entrepreneurs are always talking about multi-tasking and the difficulties of focus. My previous job depended on those abilities because people would interrupt my day and present me with fires. My job was to handle a few ever changing items and deal with the fires that arise. It contained no massive projects that lasted for weeks (aside from event planning) and it didn't usually require intense focus. Needless to say, I'm adjusting.

Please, don't take it the wrong way. This new change fits me like a glove. I'm feeling more like myself than I have in awhile but I still get stressed and anxious and angry. This is life and it never goes away but I'm happy. I just wanted to give a little perspective and honesty. There are no rainbows or unicorns; I don't really like pink and lord knows I can't keep white clean for a minute!


Images by me via iPhone/Instagram (follow along @pommellane)