First off, I wanted to send a huge thank you to Jillian of Jillianastasia. I met Jillian through Pinterest recently and have become a huge fan of her gorgeous drink recipes and adorable shop, Jillianastasia Paper Co. When she reached out and invited me to join the Tour through Blogland I was thrilled! She also has great DIY projects and free downloads that you can use. Seriously guys, that is a gorgeous drink, right?!


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Here is a look at Pommel Lane behind the scenes!

Behind the Scenes - Pommel Lane


I'm really excited to be working on a couple big projects right now when I'm not filling orders for the Pommel Lane shop. I've had a ton of support surrounding my new personal project, Silhouettes and I am thrilled to be working on this each week. It is truly a passion project! I'm also working on a complete branding for Pommel Lane which I'm really excited about. I'm a big fan of living in beta so I didn't hesitate to launch Pommel Lane in May as a work in progress but it has felt a bit incomplete as I dive in head first with clients and commission projects. I can't wait to have an image to represents my lettering and illustrations for visitors coming to the site. The last big project on my plate is top secret (aren't they always?) but I'm very excited to be working with some great ladies who I consider friends on a great project. I hope to share more before the end of the year!!


It doesn't, to be frank. I love this quote by Diane von Furstenberg that reads, "We all do the same thing, what makes us different is how we do it." It's very cliche but what makes it differ is me. I approach things with a very technical eye, very layout oriented but my flair is very whimsical. This may change over time, but right now it is what makes my work say "Hannah".

Behind the Scenes - Pommel Lane


I love design and layout. I was never good at "art" growing up, or so I used to say. My definition of art has changed a lot over the years but I knew I was a creative person, it was in my blood. I was always the one with the prettiest foamboard presentations in school and to this day as an adult I was always picked as the "scribe" for work events because of my writing. I like to say that my mind processes life in a 3x3 grid because photography was my favorite class in school. I constantly walked around taking mental snapshots wishing I had a camera on me long before the days of smartphones. When I taught myself photoshop, coding and got back into photography it was a really natural blend of all my talents to start a blog. I have a strong voice but I never considered myself a writer and I still don't. I just create what comes from inside. My lettering is a representation of everywhere I've been, things I've done and how they blend together to create the person I am today. This blog presents to you a portion of the creative soul I hold and lets you see the world from my perspective for a moment in a way nothing else can.

Behind the Scenes - Pommel Lane


My inspiration definitely comes at the most random times. When I'm driving, when I'm on my walks, or when I'm working on something else (usually uncreative). I keep a pocket notebook by the lovely Mary of My Hideaway as my "idea book." I try to keep all my ideas in there to revisit and include on projects or as post ideas. I haven't taken well to sketch notebooks, they don't seem to fit the way I work. I love working on single sheets or torn off rolls of paper that I can move around as I need it. Though the thought of books holding all my sketches from a year or month range pleases my organizing soul, I'm not sure how to work that into my process yet. Once I come up with my ideas I like to sit on them for a bit to make sure they are completely fleshed out before I start working on them. Once that happens, it's background tv shows or music as I create. Sometimes it flows immediately and sometimes it takes a lot of revisions. The more passion behind the project, the more quickly it seems to come together. Give me a couple years before I cement that last one in stone! :)

Behind the Scenes - Pommel Lane

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I'm nominating the following ladies to share a behind the scenes look at their blog/business next Monday!

Julia has a gorgeous faux floral design shop called A Golden Garden. She offers arrangements, succulents, floral crowns, garlands and wreathes in her shop; also taking commissions and collaborations with other brands and business owners. She was the inspiration behind this gorgeous download from last week's Motivational Monday and I would love to see what she has in the works!

Kristen runs Hello Monday Design shop designing websites, blogs and business branding for other creatives and small business owners. She also runs a shop with her gorgeous watercolors and lettered paintings. She is also newly engaged (Congrats again!!) and an avid hiker and nature enthusiast. I'm so glad to have met Kristen through this crazy blog world and I'm sure she's got wonderful projects going!

Give these gorgeous ladies a look and check out their Instagram accounts! 

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