Moving means getting to redecorate and in my position it is truly starting from scratch. I moved with a couple car loads of stuff and zero furniture. If the kitchen didn't come with a counter and barstools I wouldn't have had a desk. Needless to say, I've been daydreaming my butt off about all the ways in which I can make this new space my own - starting with the bedroom.

Since it is a comfy studio a little over 500 square feet, the bedroom is an important visual for me. I have been pinning images for ages that all seem to revolve around a couple key elements - white, gray, wood and light. All of these give my heart a sense of comfort and sense of home.

Thankfully, I already have a mattress and after an ever fruitful IKEA run I now have some furniture and spacial flow taking shape. It's all coming together and these are some of my favorite inspirations.

What makes your bedroom feel like a comfortable sleep haven?



Author: Hannah Reynolds
Images: Click image for original source.