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This week has flown by after getting back home from road tripping out to DC. to finish up my full-time job after being remote for a period of time. While driving 3,000 miles in 10 days is a lot, I am glad to be completely finished. It's high time to kick things into overdrive.

I'm so excited to start sharing some new series starting this week! I've got some personal projects that I am so excited to be dedicating some of my time to along with regular content coming back.

p.s. If you are an introvert, or hell even if you aren't, there is a new e-book by Allie Lehman and Claire Deane called, "Charge Up." It is a fantastic little book full of tips and tricks for small business owners that identify as introverts. As a hardcore introvert it gave me a little piece of mind that it's okay to not want to be at every event and every party. You can be charming, funny, energetic, outgoing and happy when spending time with others and still want to spend a lot of time alone. Everyone, introverts and extroverts, land at different places on the scale and require different kinds and amounts of time to recharge. No two people are alike and that's what makes this great big world such a wonderful place. If you have a minute, pick it up. It's worth a read if you like understanding yourself and/or those around you a little bit better.

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