Vanilla Chai Tea Frosting || Pommel Lane

Who doesn't love to eat dessert first?

Now don't lie, I bet you WANT to even if you make the choice not to. And when I say first, I definitely mean for breakfast. Specifically, these Apple Pie Breakfast Cakes that I've been making for years. I can't take any credit for the recipe because that all goes to Jessica of How Sweet It Is. She is a true food goddess and I want to be her when I grow up. But this isn't about that. It's about frosting. Yum.

I will admit that I do make a couple small changes to her recipe though, most of which are out of laziness and/or frugality:

Instead of whole wheat pastry flour I use regular unbleached whole wheat flour.
I specifically use 4% plain greek yogurt because I always end up shopping right after the yogurt isle has been decimated.
I pretty much triple the cinnamon in the cake because nomnomnom. Gimme lots of cinnamon.
Lastly, when I have it on hand I don't make just regular old fashioned powdered sugar frosting. I make Vanilla Chai Tea Frosting.




2 TBSP Powdered Sugar
1/4 TSP Vanilla Chai Tea Protein Drink (mine is by Bolthouse Farms)


Mix together your powdered sugar and vanilla chai tea! I definitely recommend starting with a few drops and adding until you reach your desired consistency. It can go from thick and creamy to runny in a matter of milliseconds. 

Wasn't that the easiest recipe ever?! That's how I like it :) Now go enjoy your dessert for breakfast or breakfast for dessert. Whichever way tickles your fancy!


Vanilla Chai Tea Frosting || Pommel Lane
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