taking the leap + an announcement

"You can fail at what you don't love." - Pommel Lane

*Breathe it all in*

*Breathe it all out*

I've kind of been holding my breath for a minute, or six months - let's only talk about the current situation because it could be said that I've been waiting upwards of 5 years. But I've been waiting for the timing to be right, the papers to be signed, and the ducks to all get in their neat little row.

If you've been around the internet during graduation time you've probably come across the commencement speechs done by celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jim Carrey - clearly I have a thing for the comedians. I was tinkering around on the internet a couple weeks ago and rewatched Jim Carrey's speech and it really hit me. He tells of his father, who could have been a great comedian, and his choice to become an accountant. The safe choice it seemed but only until he was laid off and unable to find work with a family to support. This shaped his decision to try a career in comedy because you can fail at something you don't love. 

It's interesting, my experience was exactly the opposite. I grew up with a single father who despite the struggles and chances to have done something safe ended up down a path that had him making art and creative businesses both for others and for himself throughout his life. We didn't have a glamorous life and we spent a lot of time near or below the poverty line but we were happy. As I grew up I, the goodie-two-shoes-go-getter-perfectionist that I am, had decided internally that I needed to be societies definition of successful. I needed to be white collar. I needed to have a safe job, steady income, health benefits and a 401k.

I started working while still in school and got lucky to be offered a position in a bank as a teller giving me a jump on my "professional" work history. Soon after that I went on to work as a receptionist and quickly worked my way to Administrative and Executive Assistant level work. I've spent the better part of 8 years in administrative roles and climbing the corporate ladder in my field. I have learned so much in these years. I've learned so much about running a business by being involved in the details of executive's lives. And while I am forever grateful for every lesson learned and piece of knowledge I've absorbed, this is no longer my path. I've reached a point - living in big cities, sitting in hours of commuter traffic, and dealing with the groundhog day effect that is an adult life - where I'm not growing as a person. I'm not the person I want to be, used to be or hope to be.

So I'm doing something about it, albeit a tiny bit radical and large in the scale of every day decisions.

I started out thinking I needed to follow the path most traveled to be successful in life. It wasn't until I completely lost sight of where I came from that I realized being successful didn't mean a 1,500 square foot townhouse with a corporate job and 2.2 children. I've been told that for a type A, organization freak and planner that I have a hippie soul, a free spirit. I never really thought about it until recently but they are right. While I don't need to live a gypsy life on the road to fulfill my soul, I do need to have endless opportunities to grow and express creativity. Which leads me to the biggest point of today's post.

If you've made it this far thank you for reading my ramble :)

Not only am I launching Pommel Lane in August but I will actually be working on it full-time! When I made this decision I knew it wasn't feasible for me to do this while still living in Northern Virginia. I have loved certain parts of living on the east coast, specifically Virginia. It will always hold a special place in my heart but in order to give this the biggest go...


norman oklahoma

I fell in love with Oklahoma 3 years ago during my cross-country road trip from Las Vegas to Virginia (especially getting stuck there for 3 days due to major flooding and tornadoes through Arkansas and Tennessee.) I've been back to visit since and I fell in love with Norman, a small college town just south of Oklahoma City that I will call home by the end of the month.

I'm really excited to see what this adventure holds. Oklahoma may not be my forever home and Pommel Lane may not be my forever business but I have never been more passionate about creating a creative business. I will definitely be sharing this personal journey here on the blog because this space isn't just for work related items it's about living a lifestyle. I am my business and my business is me.

I hope you will stick around and join me on this next life adventure!