12 layers of bedding

Thank you to everyone for all of your kind words about my announcement of the move! It truly lit up my day to receive so much love from you guys :)

With a move always comes the big dreams and inspiration of decorating a new space, or is that just me? I'm daydreaming about what I want the separate areas to look like and how the overall aesthetic should play out. Of course this is why we keep Pinterest boards, right?

The first and likely most important part of the new studio is going to be my bed. Call me crazy (who wants to be normal anyway?) but this tomboy wants white sheets. I'm actually more terrified that I'll ruin them then I am that Abe will ruin them. I've been collecting bedroom images on Pinterest for some time and clearly this isn't a new concept. Check out my bedroom board here.

Overall I'm hoping for a clean, crisp and natural feel throughout the entire place and I think the bed is going to have the biggest impact on that. I mean, the living room will be my Pommel Lane Studio - making the bed likely to be the only clean area in the house!

Do you daydream about deocrating or RE-decorating? Share your Pinterest board links! I'd love to check out your style!