over the weekend: visiting friends


This weekend was the kind where you don't take a lot of pictures and you just enjoy good company, good food and warm weather. This year I refuse to complain about the heat after such an awful winter. 

I took a short trip up to Frederick, MD on Sunday morning to visit the lovely Laicie and her husband, Mark, at the Dough Uprising booth where they sell hand pies, pies, baguettes and bread loaves all made from scratch. I walked away with lots of hand pies (bourbon apple and sour cherry to be exact) and a baguette. Uh yea, it was all gone by the end of the day. Oops, I mean, yummmm. After picking up my pies I grabbed some fresh squash at the farmer's market and headed to meet up with my friend Sarah and her husband. We hung out and caught up while enjoying a picnic on the water in Old Town. I really wish I would have gotten some pictures of their gorgeous little girl Eva, but alas, those chubby legs and smiles of hers will live on in my memory. It was a good Sunday.


Image by me via Instagram (follow along @pommellane)