Welcome to Pommel Lane!

I'm so very excited to finally be telling everyone about Pommel Lane! If you've followed me for any amount of time you know that I'm always drumming up a new hobby or creative endeavor. I am at my best and most inspired when I am covered in a medium - be it flour, frosting, paint, dirt or ink. So when I started mulling this over, dreaming big dreams, and preparing myself for this next big adventure I wanted to find a way to do something that combines my true loves and desire to always learn and go at every turn.

My love for blogging is still strong despite my lack of passion for it recently. While a big part of Pommel Lane will be custom designing prints, invitations, announcements, custom logos and much more, it is also the chance to get my heart back into blogging that truly excites me. I want to share other inspiring artists and their work, recipes and more specifically cakes that I make, personal posts, and behind the scenes peeks at what's going on at Pommel Lane.

The site is up and running. You can still find all of your favorite xoxohannah posts via new and old links. New designs and work will be added in the portfolio periodically leading up to the opening of the shop! You can follow along on Instagram to catch special announcements and deals before anyone else :)