Spark Magazine Branding  |  Branding by Pommel Lane | Visit the site at www.oursparkmagazine.com #branding #brand #design #pommellane

There isn't much more exciting that seeing a finalized and completed branding for a client who is over the moon with their results! I had an amazing time working with the wonderful ladies behind Spark Magazine and while there were lots of nuances to bringing this package together, I could not be me thrilled about this completed design and journey to get here.

Spark is a community by women, for women that I could not be more proud of. Eliza and Mackenzie came to me in September about this idea and since then it has snowballed into an amazing group of women with a business plan I aspire to create. I have loved watching their growth and I am beyond excited to see where it takes them! I am very fortunate that I had the opportunity to work with these amazing ladies!

If you are considering a redesign or branding for your small business or blog I would love to speak with you! I'm currently booking for January - February 2015, click the button below for more info.


Author: Hannah Reynolds
Graphics, Lettering & Design by Pommel Lane