HOT DAMN It's the weekend | Pommel Lane #handlettering #brushlettering

HOT DAMN! I've always loved that saying :) lol

It's the weekend guys! I can't believe it. You know how you go into a week dreading the length because something super exciting is going on that weekend. Yeah? That was this week for me. Now that the site launch has been finished I can't wait to tie some strings up on some client projects and get to the fun of the weekend!

While you sit at your desk in anticipation here are some of my favorite links from the week to pass the time:

I had the pleasure of meeting Laicie of A Thousand Threads before I moved to Oklahoma and I am only slightly (READ: extremely) jealous that I wasn't able to stick around DC longer to attend a Field & Foundry event. Check our parts one & two of her latest event. It's gorgeous. I can't wait to see what she is working up next.

This makes me want a backyard to dye fabric in ASAP.

I'm a long time fan of Katie and her kids make me want babies. Oh my ovaries.

I have been a long time fan of Olive's brush lettering and her new Be Your Self Print Series makes my lettering-senses tingle. I love everything about it!

Fingers crossed this beautiful, chilly fall weather sticks around for another week or two before turning into bone-chilling 40s. It's okay... you can cross your toes. I know your hands are busy.



Author: Hannah Reynolds
Image: Hannah Reynolds - taken via iPhone 5s, edited with VSCOcam
Lettering & Design: Pommel Lane