Styling Painted Pine Cones - Pommel Lane

So, I know that painted pine cones aren't anything new or special. Don't worry, I won't  try to convince you otherwise. That would be silly but lately I've been trying to settle into this new place of mine  and with fall here I've been brainstorming.

After hitting the local farmer's market I grabbed some white gourds and mini pumpkins to play around with. I've also been collecting pine cones around my complex as they fell down over the past month or so. Granted, I always seemed to go looking the day after lawn care showed up. Story of my life. But I ended up with a handful to use in a centerpiece for my little coffee table.

Styling Painted Pine Cones - Pommel Lane

I wanted to mix it up so they didn't all look exactly the same. I decided to do some of the pine cones as a complete dip in paint while the others were just painted on the apophysis. Yes, I had to google that. Don't judge me. I thought painting the hard outer scales would give a nice accent since I love dark, natural colors anyway.

Styling Painted Pine Cones - Pommel Lane


This was a great chance to use the paint I already had, local supplies and seasonally themed colors to create a bit of home-y feeling around here. It also gave me a great chance to practice my styling and photography for these parts. I say it's a win :)

What are you decorating with this fall?


Author: Hannah Reynolds
Photography & Styling: Pommel Lane
Lettering: Pommel Lane
Photo Actions: A Beautiful Mess - Phoenix & Pearl