my dream sabbatical

fall morn at the cabin


Honestly, any sabbatical I take would seem utterly boring from the outside but I suspect that many people may feel that way when they think about their own. If I could do anything I would have a small cabin that I could live in, fix up, and practice hobby after hobby. It doesn't need to be expansive, just some open floor plans and bare bones. It could be in just about any country as long as it was in the hills, mountains, water, or all three or any combination thereof. I would love to walk out the front door or look out the window and just be in awe of the world around me.

I would spend my days working on the home, gardening, cooking, baking, creating everything from watercolor art to furniture, and more than my fair share of time taking photos. I would have Abe and James there (obvs lol) and he would have an office to write in and Abe would play frisbee in the forest or on the beach. It would be amazing to have friends and family near to come together for dinner parties in the evening. Honestly, I would just want to get away from the hustle and bustle to connect with my soul, connect with the peace in nature, and wake up everyday knowing that money, politics, and unnecessary drama can't bring me down.

I had a great conversation with my dad at some point over the past year about how I would love to build a life in the middle of nowhere. I wanted to create only the relationships and stresses I wanted without the pressure of the world telling me to fight my way to the top, climb the corporate ladder, or bleed my knuckles to the bone trying to be what everyone else thinks my success should look like. His response was simple, chuckle-worthy, and as always, perfect... "Now you understand the 60s." I am my father's daughter :)