just going for a walk

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Anyone who has a dog knows that walks are essential. They also become pretty unspectacular after the first couple times, especially when it's the same ol' same ol' scenery. I realized that I could enjoy myself more (James usually joins us but was at work last night leaving me on my own) if I made an effort to see the little things. So during our walk I took time to document the little things, to document HIM at this stage and even managed to take some video. I hate that our new place was in such disarray when we brought him home. I hate that I don't have any videos of that teeny tiny baby that has magically become a full blown, log-sawing bulldog. Okay, well, he isn't full grown (yet) but I swear he is some days, despite the additional 15 lbs he has to put on still. What a chunker he will be!

In other Abe news... he has officially joined INSTAGRAM! You can follow all of his adventures and his oh so witty comments about how embarrassing and silly his parents are on Instagram, username:
@xoxoabe. Yes, I'm that puppymama. I don't care. It has happened and his Instagram feed has been added to the sidebar for your viewing pleasure. He was starting to become all-consuming on mine so it was time to give him some independence :P

TGIF ya'll! It's the mother-effing weekend and I'm 'bout to bake some cakes!!