happy mother's day

happy mother's day
[photos by xoxohannah]

I have a special relationship with Mother's Day. And by special I mean... well, it's complicated. You see, I don't have a mom. Not in the traditional, best friend, stood by my side my whole life kind of way. Of course I have a "birth mom". Everybody has one of those, obviously, but your birth mom and you "mom" doesn't have to be the same person. I know mine isn't...

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate mom's. Father's Day is a day to celebrate dad's. So what do you do when your mom and dad are the same person? Single mom, right? That's the norm at least. Like most of my life, I don't fit the norm. I don't plan on ever being the norm really. My single parent is my dad. Has always and will forever be my best friend. We can talk on the phone for hours and we are so similar it's scary sometimes. He's always been there for me, no matter what (even when that meant buying tampons because I was too embarrassed). He taught me to be independent, resourceful, kind, loving, creative, and most of all a good human being. He set an impossibly high standard for what I should expect in a husband and I know that I have found a man who meets those standards and more. My dad is my hero, my everything. He is my mom. He had to be.

So while I am incredibly appreciative of all the mothers out there that make this world a kinder, more loving place to be. Mothers who raise the millions of wonderful people in this world. I can't help but focus on my dad today. I know that someday I will be a mother and it will change everything. But I will always send my dad a silly card to remind him that I am grateful for all that he did and sacrificed for us to make sure we never felt like we were missing out.

I would also like say Happy Mother's Day and thank you to James' mom. Without her I wouldn't have the amazing man, partner-in-crime and best friend a woman could ask for. My life wouldn't be the same without him and I owe that to her.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and got to spend time with those people who fill your heart with love.

Happy Mother's Day!