citrus & airwalking

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Not to be a debby downer or anything but I feel horrible. When I get sick it is never pretty. Add to it the fact that in 2 weeks I'll be in Memphis for work and that I am likely to be in Shanghai and then Orlando back-to-back for the first couple weeks of June...  means I am chugging C-Machine Naked juice like it's going out of style and taking cold & sinus medicine religiously to try and prevent it.

While I still have to get the house finished this weekend (read have to, not just work on) I plan to try and take it easy. Thankfully James isn't working this weekend and can take help pick up some slack for me. We might even sneak in a trip to see Iron Man 3 if we can. I know he'd be very happy if we did.

I hope everyone is feeling better than I am. Whether you are or aren't, I'm sure you will enjoy this awesome video of Abe air-walking. He is hilarious and this scene causes laughter from strangers passing by all. the. time. Such a little fame whore this one. TGIF!

Air walk from Hannah Reynolds on Vimeo.