one project at a time

Apartment cleaning project image

This weekend James worked during the day so I didn't have any major distractions, well... other than Abe, to keep me from getting some cleaning done on the apartment. We have been there for 2 months already and it still feels like we just moved in yesterday. While I took time off work to unpack and get settled, which did happen with the necessities, I ended up spending pretty much every waking moment with Abe since he was so very little and brand new to us.

Progress has been slow and it is driving me crazy. We are still downsizing piece by piece. We have made lots headway but still have a bit more to go before we are comfortable in the new size of our home. You can only hold onto things for so many years that never actually leave the box after each move before you begin to realize you should really just toss it or donate it. I think this is really starting to settle in for both of us. So while it may look fairly similar to this picture in the apartment still I definitely got a lot of unpacking, organizing and laundry finished. It's coming along :)