time flies

Only 12 days left. Enjoying the sunshine. I hope Phil was right. It's time for spring! #vscocam
It has been a crazy week. 3 cakes in 24 hours. Valentine's Day was yesterday and James' birthday is today.

I've got posts lined up for next week to share it all with you.
I'm excited. I'm really proud of these cakes.

We are officially 12 days away from the move and nowhere near as ready as I would like to be. But that's always the case, we are getting there. Luckily Monday is a holiday, yay for extra sorting and packing time.

Enjoyed some of today's sun while I worked from home but the gnarly clouds have already started rolling in. Boo, NOVA. I keep saying this but I really hope Phil was serious, I need spring. I've always hated winter, desert winters especially. I didn't complain here like I did in Vegas but I've never tried to will spring like I have lately. I think my body is telling me I need sun. Now I just need to get my Vegas regulation tint off my car so the VA popo stop giving me a ticket for it. Ain't my fault I bought the damn thing that way in a state where it was legal. Lame.

Okay, I'm done ranting. That's all the energy I have to type. I hope everyone had a great week, whatever your plans may have been!