52 cakes: Pizza cakes

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I love making cakes. Have a I mentioned that before? Like LOVE LOVE LOVE making them. The more elaborate, the better. So when I had the opportunity to make some custom cakes for our department head's surprise birthday party, I was ecstatic. Needless to say, going to bed a bit later than normal was TOTALLY worth it.Untitled
I'm definitely counting these as two separate cakes in my 52 count for the year.

"Pepperoni" was vanilla.
"Sausage" was chocolate.

Not really fancy on the cake itself, just on the outside. I knocked out both of these bad boys in about 7 hours so documenting the process wasn't really in the cards. If you follow me on Instagram or watch the slideshow you will have seen my "blow torch" photo when I was giving the cakes that wood-fired look. You have no idea how much fun the blow torch was :)

I think it is pretty much a given at this point that wherever James and I settle down I will need to have a state qualified kitchen so I can run a home bakery again. Maybe even look at having a brick & mortar someday. As much as I love design, photography and working as an admin, cakes are just my passion. Simple as that.


P.S. His nickname is "Slice" so we all shared 'a slice with The Slice'. It was clever :)