Tea and getting ready to bake. James is getting one all to himself this week. #vscocam
It's Tuesday... which totally means it's almost Hump day, so this week is basically over already!


This week is just getting started and I'm already behind. My team is having a conference this week so we are off to Baltimore for the remainder of the week. It'll be "go-go-go" from dawn 'til dusk. I'll probably be too busy to even think about anything other than work but I can't help acknowledging that this week is the reverse of what James and I went through for 18 months together. I think the fact that we both are going into this week with the knowledge that we'll finally understand the other side of the tracks (from that time) a bit better is really great. Don't get me wrong, I loved moving to the east coast. I also loved living together but those months were HARD. I don't miss them. I don't miss missing him all the time. I'm thankful that he gets to come home from work everyday now. We get to have dinner together and spend time together making up for that lost year. It's good to be aware guys. I'm thankful.

Lots of little things are going on that could inevitably end up being a BIG thing and I'm taking this crazy hectic week to focus on what it all means. Being aware, being cautious, being brave, being selfless and being selfish.

That probably makes no sense if you haven't been reading for very long. Hell, even if you have it might make zero sense but damn it feels good to just write it though.

(insert here a night out with "the girls")

I need to find some girls. haha
I really should finish reading MWF seeking BFF, maybe that will help? Yea, probably not. ;)

Have a great week everyone! See ya on the flip side...


ps. I baked over the weekend and I just have to get the photos ready to post. It definitely isn't something I would normally eat but since I wasn't going to be there James got to have his choice (again, he's spoiled).