DIY Advent Calendar

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Over the weekend (we are slackers) James and I put together our first Advent Calendar. We may have been super excited to open two in one day because we were late getting it up. We had a ton of fun picking out candy, toys, and things to do for this. We even got scratchers because we live in a lottery state (growing up in Vegas means you have to drive to California or Arizona for lottery.)

We decided to make it super quick and easy. We used red paper lunch sacks, twine and cardboard to make these. Each bag has a cardboard tag with the number of days in cardboard chips. Day 1 has one, Day 2 has two... Day 20 has twenty, etc. A little time consuming, but it got the job done.

They ended up looking like upside down Christmas trees because the heavy ones were being difficult but I like it anyway :) This is our first Advent Calendar and I am so excited to countdown the days until Christmas! I hope everyone has something special planned this holiday season, even if you don't celebrate Christmas.


**Note to self, just because it says Bubble Gum doesn't mean it is. If it's liquid, it's probably kids bubble bath. DOH! Oh well, it was Transformers and Spiderman shaped, I couldn't help it.**