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These really have nothing to do with anything other than I miss cakes. I miss making them. I miss delivering them. I miss designing them. I miss knowing the cake I made gave someone's day have a little bit of extra "special" in it.

Call me cupcake is a food blog I've run across recently that I just love. Photography is such a huge part of a successful food blog and Linda knows exactly what she is doing. It brings back dreams of starting a brick and mortar bakery in a small downtown street where the buildings are covered in brick and only a staircase stands between my shop and my loft apartment above it. Oh, dreams. I'm always dreaming :)


p.s. I don't get into politics. I think the level of hate and disgust people succumb to during elections is just insane. Regardless of what the outcome was I am proud to be an American. To live in a country where I can have a voice. Here's to freedom!