herriott grace & project 'feels like home'

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Herriott Grace is beautiful. I love everything about this shop, from it's products to it's back story.  Father and daughter duo, Lance and Nikole. He crafts these beautiful wooden pieces and she helps him share them with the world. It is pieces like this that I want to incorporate into my home someday. Growing up with a quasi-pack rat and vintage/antique die hard meant that wooden bowls, rusted metal and well-loved materials were always around. They make me think of home. (I'll have to share my vintage story someday, you'll have to remind me.) I think it is only fitting that these beautiful pieces are the intro to our news!

If you've been reading for a little while you know how much James and I move. In the last 2 years we've moved 4 times. In the last 5 years I have moved 7 times. Needless to say, I we are sick of moving. So naturally, after moving to Northern Virginia we realized that we live light-years away from my office in the DC traffic time continuum.Add a less than wonderful relationship with our landlord (yet again) and lack of pet approval, we have made the decision to move again. (I know, insert moans and groans here)

Luckily, it isn't until our lease is up so we can say we lived in one place for a whole year. (okay, 11 months. the new lease starts 30 days before the current expires. but who's counting.) We have found a charming little (770 sq. ft.) apartment in Fairfax/Vienna that we will be calling home come February 28th. I find it charming, but that word in no way implies historic or old. You see, we will be the first people to ever live in this new industrial style apartment of ours. I'll save all the excitement for when we can actually see our finished unit. But I am just so excited to live down the street from work, in a cozy space, where we can have a pup (FINALLY) and call someplace home.

Moving as much as we have (especially on our own, on the opposite side of the country from family and friends) makes it hard to feel "at home". Home is always where we can be together, but it will be nice to live somewhere for an extended time period (we are hoping a couple years) and to really decorate and create the first space that really feels like "us" as a couple. We are scrapping most of our furniture and starting on a decorating journey that I can't wait to share.

Needless to say, I've been obsessed with home decor since we found out. I've probably only redesigned the whole apartment, eh... 2 times. Okay, maybe it's more like 4. lol