to the beginners...

Yesterday I found a new blog. It's called A Thousand Threads and Laicie, the blogger behind the screen,  writes in a way that I just don't want to stop reading. I'm not sure if it's because she wants to open a bakery someday too, or if it is the beautiful weddings she finds to feature but I'm hooked and it feels so good. haha

She recently shared this post about beginners in the creative world. You can watch the video below of Ira Glass, someone who has been there and done that, giving a reminder and a little push to keep going.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

I designed my first blog over a year ago and it was my very first blog on WordPress just shortly after we relocated to Virginia. It was pretty bad. In all honesty, the one after that... was pretty bad too. But I keep creating and each design gets better and closer to my impossibly high standards.

So coming from a perfectionist who shoots for the stars in the next galaxy over, don't give up. I made custom cakes for almost three years and the first year... was tough. I have the eye and I couldn't get my hands to make what I saw in my head but by over time even I was impressed with what I could do.

We are our own worst critics. We catch every flaw, every flub, every everything but it is okay to be a beginner, it is okay to not be perfect. Every artist starts somewhere whether it's music, movies, design, writing, cakes, whatever. Just don't give up. Even if it's hard and it doesn't feel like it will ever get better... Just. don't. give. up.

This post is my little reminder to keep going. To not give up because practice doesn't make perfect but it gets you pretty damn close ;)


ps. I'm in a slump. "Back to School" season is leaving me more unmotivated than I had anticipated. I'm on the look out for inspiration!