to bonfire or not to bonfire

It's weird to say this but over the weekend I actually acted my age or at least a hell of a lot closer to it. A double header baseball game and a bonfire in one weekend is a big deal around these parts. Kind of makes up for not going to the movies wouldn'tcha say?

Life always has a funny way of working. This weekend was a perfect example of that. James and I may have lived in Virginia for the last year and a half but we are originally from Las Vegas. I was actually born and raised. (I'm like a mythical creature. You hear stories about them but you hardly ever meet one.) So to think that 4 years ago when I lost touch with a close friend who went into the military, I definitely didn't expect to see her again for the first time an hour away from my house in West Virginia.

I won't lie, having a friend that close is really nice. One of the hardest things for James and I this past year and a half has been social lives. Mostly because I wasn't working for the better part of a year and he was on the road 4 days a week, every week, all year. Making the trip out for the bonfire was a great chance to catch up, meet her husband before he gets deployed, and for her to meet my husband-to-be, James. I won't lie, the fact that they had s'mores DIDN'T HURT. :) I'm sure that she and I will be having many adventures to come!