that's what makes you beautiful - the bloggers

[whether this quote has anything to do with this or not, I just love it. If you know the true owner, please let me know so I can link back.]

It seems like yesterday that this post was published but it has actually been THREE MONTHS! Seriously? Time flies. The response to this post was not only amazing but touching and humbling. There are some days that I need to read a post like this because we all have days that bring us down or keep us from feeling our best.

This was just my reminder that I am beautiful and I have every reason to say it loud and proud. Here are some other wonderful ladies who took the time to share what makes them beautiful:

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If you shared a beautiful post and would like it featured here please don't hesitate to email me or comment with the link! I absolutely love each and every post that you all did!

If you are finding this post for the first time and you would like to do one make sure to send me the link so I can share with everyone!

Happy Sunday!