Good morning :) Insta3 Road trip. Day 2! ATTACK KITTY! Practicing for @jeremykonst's wedding :) Bonfires are my new favorite hobby. Can I bring the 70 degree weather back to DC? #buffaLOVE Insta2 Insta1 I love our hotel bar next door. Birthday drinks!
1.Virginia sunsets. Always my favorite.
2. Packed up, being picked up from work to head north!
3. Start of day 2 driving.
4. Uncle Art's stray/live-in attack kitty. Seriously focused.
5. Practice makes perfect! We got started the night before with Jill and the boys because sky lanterns are the shit.
6. There was also a bonfire which was equal levels of "the shit"-ness.
7. Buffalo weather made me SO ready for fall. 70s with a light breeze. Hurry!
8. The gorgeous manuscript library where the wedding was held. Pictures can't do it justice!
9. Delaware park is one of my favorite places in Buffalo. It is as close to the peace of Red Rock as I've found since.
10. Birthday drinks back in McLean after work because my co-worker and I are 6 days apart. Love this patio!(had to throw this one in... because I could.)

It's been a couple weeks now since our weekend trip up to Buffalo for the most recent family wedding (Congrats Jeremy & Lindsey!) So I thought I would share a couple photos. Since (of course) I haven't edited any of my DSLR photos I will share my Instagram photos (follow me @signedxoxohannah, if you like!) I promise, they are the better photos anyway. I got talked out of bringing my DSLR to the reception which was honestly a good thing since I have a feeling I would have spent more time worrying about it than enjoying the party. Alas, that is why we have camera phones.