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I know I keep saying that the last couple weeks have been nuts... but seriously, they have been! I'm hopin', wishin' and prayin' that these 50+ hour work weeks stop because I need some work/life balance over here. Despite the lack of personal time, I am still extremely grateful and in no way complaining so to get away from it all, James and I decided to pack up for a little mini vacation to visit the city of bridges, Pittsburgh, PA. The company James works for is headquartered in Pittsburgh and he has been talking about going for fun for quite some time and it didn't hurt that the lovely Sarah of Coming Unstitched happens to live in the area!
 dress: TARGET / shoes: OLD NAVY / belt: KOHLS / watch: taken off long before this picture. blame the heat!

Sarah and I have been reading each other's blogs for quite some time, pretty much since our "beginnings". I was thrilled when her and her wonderful fiance, Brandon, offered to come into the city and show us around 'local style'. I must admit that knowing a local is about the best way to visit any new city. You always find the best restaurants (like Jerome Bettis with the deep fried cheeseburger (yea, you heard that right, A DEEP FRIED CHEESEBURGER!!)(this deserved 3 parenthesis, for reals.) and you get to see beautiful views like the spot where Brandon proposed to Sarah (so sweet!). James also used his spare time to practice his rugged and handsome thinking face.
IMG_8464_edited IMG_8522_edited
We had to primp for photos... come on. Like you don't do this and then hide the proof :)
No one really knows what I was doing here. But I recall being happy so that's all that matters.
I'm a stealthy photographer as James likes to call me. So I snapped a couple photos of the gorgeous Sarah when she was busy posing for Brandon.
IMG_8501_edited IMG_8512_edited
We then had to take some awesome photos like 'LOOK OVER THERE!' and 'this is a seriously funny story being told right now'.
 Riding around with @lectricmonk and @brandonhartley Had a great day wondering around in the smoldering heat with @peanutsms & @brandonhartley! Can't wait to share out adventure on the blog soon :)
I have to say that meeting other bloggers can be HIGHLY intimidating. I know first hand though that some of the best people I've met in life have been through the internet (like James for example). So after spending a few minutes/hours we all just clicked. Sarah is one of the sweetest people I've ever met and she is just so easy to be around. She is also very persuasive about getting us to move to Pittsburgh, someday. You can tell by just spending an afternoon with her and Brandon that they are best friends and true partners. Their wedding this fall is going to be beautiful and I might just crash it if I get really bored in November. (just kidding Sarah! haha)
IMG_8527_edited IMG_8531_edited
It didn't take long before the photographers ended up in front of the camera and they weren't very thrilled. Brandon looks especially displeased in this photo. haha
Throughout the rest of the afternoon we enjoyed the muggy heat, brewskis at Hofbräuhaus, and generally enjoyed some great company. We shared tons of stories and got to witness a little boy standing on a table swinging his sippy cups while his brothers (?) stood up and swung their mugs while singing along at the Hofbräuhaus. I REALLY wish I would have caught that on camera. Too stinkin cute!
IMG_8557_edited Hello downtown Pittsburgh! Road trip back home. Mini vacations rock!
Before we knew it the night was over and we were crashed in the hotel room. We had an amazing trip and were so glad to make some new friends within driving distance. We can't wait for them to come out next year after their wedding to get a locals tour of DC. Watch for 'Party Animals: DC' coming to a blog post near you! Just kidding, we are a bunch of awesome old people who love watching tv in our pjs. I'm sure that has something to do with why we get along so well.

You should definitely take a moment to go check out Sarah's post about our weekend to see some more awesome photos and dialog. You can follow her on Twitter here. Check out her Blog here. Follow her via Bloglovin' here. And definitely go check out her Fashion Column here.

What did you guys do this weekend? I bet your feet aren't as sore as mine are ;)