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Weekends never last long enough... especially in the summer. I am a bit behind the masses who started summer Memorial day weekend. I spent a very lazy and otherwise unproductive weekend hanging out with James and simply being. Unless you count the subtle tan I started. This ghost has been sun deprived for over a year now and my olive skin is dying for some color! It felt SO good!

This week I am finishing up a custom design that has been in the works since ages ago (october 2011). I cannot wait to unveil it! Also, it is catch up week at work. When the bosses are away all the work gets done. Next week is going to be a crazy one so I am enjoying the calm, productive atmosphere while I can.

I also have a little project in the works (by works I mean the gears in my head are-a-spinnin') which I'm contemplating taking a jump at. We'll see if it ever comes to fruition!

I hope everyone had a fun-tastic weekend! How did you spend your weekend?


**originally published on A Cup of Subtle Tea.