our trip to IKEA


Yes, I’m about to dedicate a post to IKEA. I think it was bound to happen.

Coming soon to a blog near you will be dedications to Wingman’s and Trader Joe’s as well. You know, once I climb out from under my rock and visit them for the first time also.

Anywho… I should say that this wasn’t my FIRST time to IKEA but it was James’ and it was our first time there together. Sarah and I had previously visited when we were getting ready to move last month. {sidebar: I can’t believe it’s almost May! When did that happen?} Both Sarah’s husband and James were a bit jealous that they couldn’t come with so I promised James that I would take him once we got settled. Fast forward to this week and after we saw The Three Stooges in the morning we headed over to IKEA ready to brave to crowds and hold our wallets closed as long as possible.

Am I the only one or is it impossible to go to IKEA without buying something? I’m equally scared and excited for the day we buy a house because I know the first I’ll do is go buy my whole kitchen from IKEA. Wouldn’t you?

Needless to say, we had a blast, ate lunch {IKEA food is surprisingly delicious and that chocolate cake is DANGEROUS!}, bought a couple knick knacks to remember the trip by and then headed back home before the weather got any worse.

James is out of town this week and work is surprisingly quiet which means the storm is coming {ie. We have a huge meeting next week that will keep me plenty busy} so I am taking the time to catch up on household chores. Also this week, I’m creating something a little extra special for my co-worker to celebrate Administrative Professional’s Day tomorrow. Something about being an assistant and reminding your boss that a holiday, celebrating you, is coming up just has “awkward” written all over it. Besides, I miss being crafty… gotta get it in where I can these days!


ps. I just have to say that James and his scruff were looking particularly handsome over the weekend!