an ode to anyone who has ever been an admin


Tasks of an admin aren't increasingly difficult, I know. But it is true that not everyone could do it or excel at it. The best part, for me, about being an admin is finding that great fit with a team that appreciates you, acknowledges your effort, and values your opinion and ability to handle more than your "basic" duties. I am lucky to have that in my job and I know it.

Today, Wednesday, April 25, 2012 is Administrative Professional's Day and this entire week is branded Administrative Professional's Week. I can say that have an "unofficial" holiday to celebrate what I do is really cool. So to do my part to celebrate and spread a little thank you throughout the other teammates, who have been so helpful and willing to answer even the littlest questions as I got situated, I decided to make banana bread and put together pretty packaging to hand out.

I found this amazing stamp at Michael's on sale with a scribbled "thank you" note on it and I knew that it would be perfect for the occasion! Three birds, one stone. I got rid of my almost rotten bananas, I kept it out of the house so I didn't eat it all and I got to say thank you in a super fun and crafty way :)

To anyone who has been, or will be an admin, thank you for all you do! We could take over the world someday if we wanted, you know... ;)

Happy Administrative Professional's Day!


**originally posted on A Cup of Subtle Tea.