a feast for two

Staring at these pictures makes me hungry all over again.

I'm going to go heat up a mini apple pie... be right back.

Did you miss me? Probably not right... Well maybe that's because this is your first visit.

If you are visiting through A Very Merry Indie Christmas, Welcome! I'm Hannah and that handsome man above is my boyfriend, James. We are making a life on our own in Virginia after a relocation move for James' job. 3,000 miles is a long way from home but we are making due and are having a bit of fun along the way. What else can you do? I say dance and sing around the living room to Taylor Swift before I drown our days in holiday music but he won't go for it. Oh well. More fun for me, right?

Anywho! Please enjoy, get comfy and stay awhile! This weekend will be full of fun, holiday DIY decorations for our first (handmade) Christmas. I'm glad to have you and I can't wait to get to know each of you through this link up :)

So, as you can see I was busy setting everything up (for pictures) and James was just ready to eat it all. I decided to set everything up very "fancy-like" for pictures because it was out "first" Thanksgiving on our own and I wanted it to be very pretty.

Truth be told, it was mostly for you guys. Or it could be my unconscious need to be the perfect homemaker at 22 years old.


Yes, over here please. 

Oh hello, I think we've met once or twice before.

Whatever the reason, I don't care. It came out fantastic! A HUGE, GINORMOUS thank you goes out to my dad for the stuffing recipe and game hen tips. Talking to him for 5 hours while I cooked everything was definitely my favorite part of the day. God bless James loving his video games :)

Cupcake size and mini cupcake size apple pies are definitely a hit around here and they may make an appearance at Christmas if James' mom lets me cook while I'm on vacation. *wink wink Terry* haha

The additional dough cups made for perfect mini ice cream bowls so I didn't have to dirty extra dishes (if I didn't want to) obviously though I did since I wanted a bowl. I seriously need to invest in more ramekins. I use those bad boys for EVERYTHING.

I thought I would be able to pick my favorite dish from the evening and I really just can't. I'd say mashed potatoes and pie are tied at the top because I'm debating about getting some of both right now.

I'm a food enthusiast. Obviously. Unless it's pumpkin pie... Sorry guys, just not my cup of tea!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day with family, friends and food. No matter where you live or what you were or weren't celebrating!

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving day dish?