You can also view the video at this link.

I am so excited to share this little video I made from our trip up to Buffalo, New York. In case you don't know James and I were there for his grandma J's funeral services. She passed back in May shortly after we both arrived in Virginia. I was very fortunate to get to meet her and spend the 2010 holiday season with her.

Grandma J had a tradition of buying everyone socks and underwear for Christmas. I was not aware of Grandma J's tradition until shortly before so I was a bit curious to see how that present opening experience would go. I opened the present to find knee socks (my favorite!) and I found out that she told his mom that she was too embarrassed to buy me underwear. She tried to make me feel better by explaining that she didn't know what kind or size but she was just too embarrassed to get me any. It had to be one of my most awkward moments one of the funniest parts of the whole holiday season.

She was an amazing lady who is loved and missed by so many people. This video may not be technically fantastic but it gets me every time. In so many ways this song reminds me of James but we both know that it is the perfect song to remember Grandma J by.

Anywho, I am not a videographer in the least so please don't rate this for it's "technical merit". A huge thank you goes out to Sammy from Everything In Between who actually introduced me to this song. Thanks Sammy! P.S. I figured out why I thought I'd heard it. Her voice and part of this song very closely resembles the melody in the song "Little Boxes" that is used in the opening credits of the show Weeds. I'm not crazy I swear. haha :)

Do you have a song that this in your life? I would love to hear your stories if you are willing to share :)

Happy Monday!