so today was quite eventful

I am among many people who felt the east coast shock wave aka earthquake. People and friends were sending texts and calling to make sure I was okay since I am located about 50 miles south of the epicenter. Not my first earthquake but definitely the biggest. You can tell this doesn't happen often out here since most people in California don't even get out of bed when a 5.9 rolls through. haha

So now that that topic has been touched up I have some other FANTASTIC news to share. We are so excited that our first pick rental home that we applied for was approved! We just have to put down the security deposit and sign the papers on Monday. It is an adorable little two bedroom one bath home with all wood floors, brick walls and a huge open floor plan. Oh yea, and it has a great deck out back for us to enjoy the awesome fall weather on! Since the intense heat wave seems to have passed her in Virginia we are finally getting to enjoy some of the beautiful 80 degree breeze summer days we looked forward to when moving out here.

So it may not seem that eventful to you... but an earthquake and our dream rental being approved was definitely eventful for me. I won't lie... I did a happy dance many, many, many, many times today. The end of the year is shaping up nicely and I'm hoping employment will soon follow suit. It really is time for me to go back to work.

I hope everyone who felt the earthquake is safe and well. Everyone brace yourselves this could be a disastrous weekend ahead. Here is a quick letter to the stage 3 Irene.


Please be gentle. I just got here. We don't need a tragedy in this country right now.

Thank you,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!